Meditation Changed My Life

With the hustle and bustle of today’s world, the one thing we are not adding to our to-do list is meditation. I am guilty of this myself.

From the time we hit the snooze button on our alarm clocks or cellular devices, our minds are already waking up to the MOUNTAIN of projects that must be completed by the time we go to sleep.

We hit the snooze button at least twice before we even attempt to get out of bed to start our day. We angrily get up hating life--hating the fact we have to “adult” another day.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the trials and tribulations of my stressful life is how wrong it is to wake up aggravated. Any time I would “sleep in”, it throws my whole day off balance. Hitting the snooze button several times is not a great way to start my day.

When your alarm goes off, instead of hitting the snooze button to sleep in for 5 more minutes, sit up and meditate on how grateful you are to be alive and the future you are manifesting/envisioning.

Envision and focus on being blessed with health, employment, family, religion, enlightenment, or anything you can grasp as a gift in your life. Do this for 5 minutes — the time it normally takes to snooze.

When your alarm goes off again, hit the snooze button and envision the life you want, full of success and happiness.

See yourself in your mind's eye as healthy, happy, and whole. See yourself getting a job promotion. See yourself out of debt!

After the third snooze alarm goes off, you can turn off your alarm. You are now SPIRITUALLY ready to tackle your day!

I promise you, doing this has changed my life! No one can take better care of you than YOU! Value yourself enough to cherish any me-time you can fit in your schedule. You are more than worth it!

Blessings, Love, & Power🌬✨🌌♾🕉💙💜🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️

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